National Alert Alarm Systems

Asset & Fleet Tracking

Asset Tracking

Employees and equipment is no longer difficult to keep track of thanks to advances in the GPS asset tracking field. We can equip your car, truck, heavy equipment, ATV, boat, etc with a small, battery powered GPS tracking device with a built in alarm system that will alert you if the device moves once you have armed the tracking device.

You can even set the unit to automatically arm at certain times every night and disarm each morning at a preset time. This way, you can ensure that take home work vehicles are not being used after hours or on the weekends.

Our asset tracking devices can be activated to show you an exact location anywhere in the United States where your asset is located.

Our experience with this type of tracking units allowed us to actually capture 5 thieves in act of stealing one of our customers ATVs. Email or call us today for full details on this situation as well as how fleet/asset tracking can work for you.

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